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Do you comply to the REACH regulation?

With regards to the REACH Regulation (EC1907/2006) and paragraph 10 on entry 23 Annex XVII: Cadmium(Cd) and lead(Pb) content of jewellery articles, we can confirm the following: 

  • With any of the alloys, we produce at Cooksongold in the UK, cadmium and lead are not deliberately added during the manufacturing process. 

  • Cadmium and lead only exist at impurity levels in any of our precious metal products. Cooksongold's UK Raw Material Purchase specifications typically state maximum impurity levels of 0.003(30ppm) and 0.0005 %(5ppm) for Cadmium(Cd) and Lead(Pb) respectively.

  • We do not have any internal recycling of external scrap. Therefore any impurities levels would not be expected to be equal to or greater than 0.01 % (100ppm), by weight, for Cadmium(Cd); or 0.05% (500ppm) for Lead(Pb), as is required by the regulation.

  • Historical due diligence checks show impurity levels, for both Cadmium(Cd) and Lead(Pb), to be well below the regulated limits.

  • Testing will continue to be periodically conducted to ensure compliance with the requirements.

You can find the full statements regarding our REACH compliance attached.

These statements cover our compliance with cadmium and lead content as well as nickel.

Reach March 23.pdf
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Reach Pb Cd March 23_v2.pdf
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